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Law school study hacks, tips & tricks, and how to crush exams without going crazy.

With your strict study schedule, paperwork deadlines, and mountains of stress, it can be easy to forget about the pragmatic parts of taking the bar. Where are you going to stay?

hitler fails bar exam

While you’re waiting to see if you passed or failed the bar exam, have a good laugh with this funny “Hitler reacts” parody.

law school study group

After two weeks, I already felt like my soul was withering away. Maybe law school was not for me. Then everything changed: I got a killer study group.

bar prep burnout

If you’re already feeling emotionally drained and at your wit’s end from bar exam study, take heart: You can recover.

speed reading bar exam

Does speed reading practice have a place in bar prep? Let’s see what studies have to say.

choosing a bar prep course

There are many bar prep options to choose from. Why should you consider Crushendo?

fail bar exam

This is perhaps the only blog post I will write that I hope no one has to read. Whether you have failed or fear to fail the bar exam, this article is for you.

hack your mind

Instead of scrolling or snoozing your night away, you’re speedily approaching the 4th figure in your sheep count. Why can’t you sleep?

law school case briefs

We’ve compiled 26 awesome tips to help you crush the MBE. Read the post or watch the fun whiteboard video.

law school case briefs

If you think something is crazy dumb, say so. Emotions can aid recall, so note your strong feelings, so you can feel them again later.

bar exam anxiety tips

No, these ideas are not hokey, medicine-man-type solutions. There’s real research backing these principles.

typing speed

If you can type this sentence in less than 18 seconds, you have an edge over your classmates.

Law school is demanding and you don’t have time to waste. Check out our top tips here to self-study more effectively.

sleep deprivation

From your first day in law school to your last days cramming for the bar exam, sleep is often your last priority. But sleep deprivation has more effects than you think.

bolster analytical skills

Passing the bar exam involves so many factors and hours upon hours of study. Kick your analytical skills up a notch for the exam with a few simple tips.

study too much bar exam

Preparing for the bar exam might be one of the most stressful periods in a law student’s life. You want to spend hours preparing for the exam. But can you study too much?

crushendo bar exam prep

1Ls, are you ready to survive law school? Crushendo can help!

bar exam prep coronavirus covid-19

There’s much speculation and little certainty about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) could cause chaos for the July 2020 bar exam. Here’s what we know.

exam mindset

Studying for the bar exam can be stressful. But with the right mindset, you can learn how to understand yourself and stay calm during the exam.

FDR Failed Bar Exam

Didn’t pass the bar exam on the first try? You’re in good company. Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, FDR, and at least fifteen other famous folks failed too.

law school blog music

It came. That great and terrible day. That day when law school grades appear, crushing the souls of many—if not most—first-year law students across the country.

law school blog music

The word on the street is that classical music can help you study by improving memory and focus. Some even say classical music can rewire your brain, boosting IQ. But how much of that is actually true?

The testing center? “It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.”